Friday, 18 September 2009


 I Really enjoyed working on this collection.Although there was a lot of rush involved; as my(original) photographer was constantly bugging me to round up.But i had loads of fun making these dresses. This collection called 'WHIMSICAL DREAMS' consists of lots of bright and fun colours,with touches of lace,frills,bows and ruffles ; which were my major inspiration.

 All the dresses have been named after strong ijaw women, afterall AKPOS OKUDU dresses are for women who are strong,elegant and confident; but still maintain their soft feminine side.  hope you like. xoxo Akpos.                                 l-r.the bibi,the serena,the ayi,which can be tied in 2 ways,as shown by the fourth model.

the alaere.

l-r the iniebi, the alali.

the alaere,short.

the gesi.

the gesi,short.

the powei.

the doubra.

the ayi,in blue.

the oviri,comes in a tube or a monostrap.And is named after my beautiful grandma; who passed on her sewing skills to

the layefa, comes in different colours and lenghts.
the powei in a different print.
the layefa in red.
and in pink.

the tariye.

the miebi, named after the cousin who inspired it. 

the ebi. named after my mum.

the tombra.

the eniye, named after one of my favourite cousin's/ my muse.

l-r-the preye,the ebika,the peres,the tare.

the bina.

l-r.the tarela,the timi.

the seri comes in long and short.

  All dresses available upon order. send requests to

photographer- Alex allaputa and miebi charles( my 13 yr old cousin)

models-Akpos Okudu, kelechi Nkanginieme, Queen Esang and Ada Mbachu.