Wednesday, 17 December 2008

It bags 02.

I'm in all kinds of love with the hermes birkin.Named after British born actress and singer,Jane Birkin.This is another 'it' bag that every fashionista needs to own.I'm personally coveting one.This bag is ultra luxurious.The production of each bag may take up to 48 working hours,so you know a lot of craftsmanship is put into making this bag.The birkin lining is made of Goat skin and its colour will match the bags exterior colour.The size is perfect for all your lady accourtrements,the handle sits easily on your arm.....i could go on.
Once again, you know my Nigerian fashionistas never fail to impress me,with their taste in incredibly,timeless, chic bags.

images-thisday style.

it bags.


What's not to love about this bag? The kilt, the chain and leather strap, the inter locking c's.This bag is a classic. Named after the day it was invented ,February 1955.This i believe is the ultimate 'it' bag. Think more 'timeless than trendy. There are two types of leather used caviar and lambskin.Caviar has a grainy texture, while lambskin is much softer to touch. The 2.55 also comes in tweed and a range of other fabrics.
I absolutely adore this bag, because of the history behind the entire detailing of the bag. To celebrate chanel's 50th anniversary ,the chanel 2.55 was re issued by Karl Largarfield. The new version has a turn clasp instead of the inter locking c's.
You know my Nigerian Fashionistas never fail to impress me with their taste in timeless chic bags.So for your viewing pleasure...

the re issue.


I'm sure you've seen pictures of her in lots of Nigerian magazines.Well her name is UGONNA OMEROU.She's an emerging fashion designer.(house of nwocha) Ugonna is upcoming and certainly very fabulous.She's got great style and rocks some of the prettiest frocks.This young lady is certainly one to watch.REMEMBER you saw her here first.