Thursday, 25 September 2008

Nigerian designer's jazz up ankara.

I have longed,to write a piece that would Portray the ingenuity of Nigerian designers.Almost every Nigerian designer worth he's/her salt,has an Ankara outfit in their collection.Gone are the days when Ankara was only used for bou-bou's[fuss free Tunicy gown's] or buba's[skirt wrap and billowy top].Ankara is now considered chic.Designers have revamped them into beautiful,flirty dresses,Uber cute shorts,jackets that could be considered classics in the future.
Here are some of my Favourite.

1.Deola sagoe 2. ? 3.? 4.jewel by lisa(jbl)
5.Ere dappa 6.zebra 7.Odion miminet
8.jbl 10.jbl 11.jbl
12.jbl 13.jbl 14.odio mimonet
15.? 16.JBL
pictures.thisday style,