Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hello! dear fab. readers; sorry I've been away for SO long.For a girl who considers her life kinda boring, the past few weeks have been rather interesting.There's constantly been one event after the other, I've had lots of dress orders to deal with, my final year project and just a bunch of other stuff; however I'm back to blogs ville.
My label AKPOS OKUDU,got featured on a couple of blogs that you really need to check out

Also, i was at le petite marche( a monthly flee market, which creates an avenue for new and established independent designers and entrepreneurs to network and get recognised) It was quite nice, to be able to sell so many dresses in like 6hours, and off course shop. You can read more about le petite marche on the face book group.

Nigerian women are super fabulous; i know, i know.i could say that a million times. Your probably sick of hearing it; but come on this is a blog that generally celebrates fabulous Nigerian fashion and pretty much anything fashion related.
As amazing as i consider Nigerian women stylewise, there are lots who generally go over the top with their outfits;so when i find pictures of Nigerian women that look on point you know I'm drawn to them like a complete magpie and i get super excited.The ladies below all look head to toe perfect, without going overboard. thots?

images- thisday style
- shopliquorice