Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hey people.
I'm back. I've been really busy, working on the new collection, attending petite marches and the likes; just thought I'd share some pictures.

Just got home, after the market.


bibi, maki & doubra

pr guru-moriam musa(l) and her sister.

yeah, some Akpos Okudu lovin' lol


some more shoppers

Tayo, rocking Akpos Okudu

Funke rocking Akpos Okudu.( sadly i cant find the front view)

The pearl shop



The closet

Ezinne and Kemmy.

Kemkem studio


lots of cool tee's from 1463

The amazing soo smith.Lots of pretty day clutches.

chi chi

So, after lpm; a month ago i met the amazing Joke Silva, through my Darling friend omoye(read below) and auntie Joke wanted some dress made. So i have put together pictures of the whole process. lol

I met her on set, to take her measurement.

Boy, was i excited. lol

Began cutting fabrics.

sorry, i don't have a picture of the floral dress.(Third dress)

first dress

second dress

she loves the dresses. yaay!!!!!

Me grinning from ear to

So i met auntie Adesuwa Oyenokwe( Editor of TW,totally whole. a monthly women's magazine) Through auntie Joke, who introduced me as her "Designer' (yeah, that's a big deal)
OK, to cut this long story short, auntie Adesuwa also wanted some dresses made; she ended up buying like 8 dresses.
Below is a picture of her rocking one.

So these past few weeks, have been quite nice;Just thought I'd share.