Friday, 24 July 2009

Hey, I'm back.
so sorry I've been away for this long. i deeply apologize. My Internet is really shitty, so it usually takes forever for me to upload pictures; the past few weeks have been quite interesting.
while in Lagos for le petite marche (May market) i meet this really nice lady who bought a dress from me. she loved it so much she called back saying she was opening a boutique in Lagos,(which would basically stock beach dresses and accessories its called beach living) anyway the point of this story is that i was asked to design a line of dresses for the shop.
so in my absence from blogs ville I've making pretty dresses. its going to be called Akpos Okudu for beach living. Hopefully my Internet behaves so i can put up the pictures of the dresses.
OK now back to Nigerian style.

I Have a penchant for dresses; long,short ,pencil
,flare,tulip,bubble,origami, be it in dreamy chiffon ,whimsical organza,tulle,satin buy especially lace.
Full on lace frocks or just dresses with bits and pieces of lace.As much as i love this fabric i have to admit its not the easiest for me to work with; however I'm going to be incorporating (not sure about that word,couldn't think of something else.) bits and pieces of lace into my next collection.
I'm in love with all kinds of lace from french,Chantilly to dry lace, Bali lace and even crochet which i consider the cousin of lace.Below are some beautiful Nigerian ladies rocking some REALLY pretty lace outfits.

Reni Folawiyo.This dress is sooo beautiful.

Zara Okpara in Jbl top.

model wearing Tiffany amber and Tundun Peterside rocking same dress.

images-this day style.