Monday, 30 March 2009


Tundun Abiola.
Tundun has the most fanciful sense of style.she is very innovative with her choice of outfits.she has an amazing figure and dresses to accentuate it perfectly.Miss Abiola a lawyer,reigns supreme in the style stakes because she combines the concept of comfort and edginess perfectly.

Tiwa Benson Ukeje.
Tiwa is one word fierce!She's fabulous and she knows.The waiflike beauty ,who runs the hat lounge commands a lot of attention with her jaw dropping hats.I applaud Tiwa for her ability to be glamorous and sexy in a less obvious way.I absolutely love it.

chalya shagaya.
Arbiter of cool;chalya always looks the part.I love her naturally chic sense of style.She carries off her outfits with the right amount of oomph and always turns out to be a show stopper in whatever she's rocking be it jeans or a red carpet dress.Chalya, a personal stylist\photographer is beyond fabulous.

-images from thisday style,,fashion africa,truelove west africa.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


The little white dress is one fashion staple that is certainly taken for granted. A must have ;especially for fashionistas that live in the tropics,as white has a cooling effect and also gives an aura of innocence.The lwd in my opinion is the ultimate blank canvas, as it gives you the chance to jazz it up with accessories.
it is can be flirty,feminine,fun,chic..... it can take you from day to evening depending on how its worn.It's a refreshing change from the overly hyped little black dress(lbd).
here are some of my favourites rocked by celebrities and my Nigerian divas off course.

kate moss topshop. roberto cavalli.

tiffany amber

jewel by lisa
images-thisday style,,truelove mag.