Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hey! dear readers.sorry this took so long.Finally its here.

NAME--Akpos Antoinette Okudu.
LABEL--Akpos Okudu
LOCATION--Port harcourt,Nigeria.
QUALIFICATION--I'm a university under graduate(University of Port harcourt),with no formal training in dress making.Just a 1 year sewing stint at my mum's friend sewing shop;better known as ''Aunty Ada's shop''.
ABOUT LABEL--Akpos Okudu dresses are romantic,flirty and super feminine.I absolutely love colours,so i work with a large range of bright fabrics,which are a major source of inspiration for me.I'm also inspired by different cultures,art and nature.
I design clothes for women who want to be elegant and confident without losing their soft and feminine side.I generally want to make clothes that are comfortable when worn in everyday life and are at the same time fashionable.

--Dresses available by order.

photgrapher-preye kagbala,thanks a lot chikito.
model-Eniye Kagbala,my cousin/muse(you look fab. in every dress i put you in)
model-Miranda nwagbara,thank you for those shoulders.
model-Akpos Okudu
-All pictures edited by Alex Allaputa,thanks a lot.