Friday, 18 September 2009


 I Really enjoyed working on this collection.Although there was a lot of rush involved; as my(original) photographer was constantly bugging me to round up.But i had loads of fun making these dresses. This collection called 'WHIMSICAL DREAMS' consists of lots of bright and fun colours,with touches of lace,frills,bows and ruffles ; which were my major inspiration.

 All the dresses have been named after strong ijaw women, afterall AKPOS OKUDU dresses are for women who are strong,elegant and confident; but still maintain their soft feminine side.  hope you like. xoxo Akpos.                                 l-r.the bibi,the serena,the ayi,which can be tied in 2 ways,as shown by the fourth model.

the alaere.

l-r the iniebi, the alali.

the alaere,short.

the gesi.

the gesi,short.

the powei.

the doubra.

the ayi,in blue.

the oviri,comes in a tube or a monostrap.And is named after my beautiful grandma; who passed on her sewing skills to

the layefa, comes in different colours and lenghts.
the powei in a different print.
the layefa in red.
and in pink.

the tariye.

the miebi, named after the cousin who inspired it. 

the ebi. named after my mum.

the tombra.

the eniye, named after one of my favourite cousin's/ my muse.

l-r-the preye,the ebika,the peres,the tare.

the bina.

l-r.the tarela,the timi.

the seri comes in long and short.

  All dresses available upon order. send requests to

photographer- Alex allaputa and miebi charles( my 13 yr old cousin)

models-Akpos Okudu, kelechi Nkanginieme, Queen Esang and Ada Mbachu.


Lion-ess said...

all of your dresses are amazing.
Do you post to the UK?

~B~ said...

omG!! u're too talented!! *green with envy* these dresses r amazing!! do u hav an online store??

SET said...

I love your pieces. I would like to see them when I am in Lagos next month. Are you in Lagos or? I am bring accessories to sell as well. Will let you know about the events.

yankeenaijababe said...

OMG!!! This is so beautiful, I love the colors and style all the way. I am going to steal one picture for my wordless post. Now this rocks, love it, love it.

Tinu said...

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUULOOOOOOOOOOOOUSSSS is all i can say!!!I didnt see any dress named after Toru!!!hehehe


Ohh my ...looooveeely! Emailing you in 5,4,3,2....for additional information. You have raw talent!!! Blogging this.....

Owhonda said...

Your an amazing designer, also a very good model lol. Your clothes look even better on you :) Keep up the good work.

Suzanne said...

You're a talented young lady and your dresses are so pretty. It's a good thing that you're one of those rare designers who makes clothes that women can actually wear everyday. Just like JBL, one of my favourite designers. Way to go girl!

ijaw girl said...

@lion-ess. thank you soo much. yes i do. xx
@-b-. thanks online store is in the works.pls kindly send orders to xx
@set-tnx in port harcourt. but will be in lagos at d end of d month for petite marche.waiting to hear from u. xx
@yankeenaijababe-tnx dear. xx
@tinu- thanks dear.i would have to save 'toru' for my nxt. lol xx
@tammyanka- thanks dear. xx
@owhonda- thanks hun. lol xx
@suzanne- awwhh, thank you soo much. xx

jhazmyn said...

You've got mad talent luv, this practically brightened my day..way to go

BubblyBliss said...

Beatiful and nicely sown pieces. Have always loved your choice of fabric!x

SET said...

Hi, I will be in lagos end of Oct, I think you mean you will be there the end of this month rite?

xoliquoricexo said...

you're B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T, ms. thang! ROCK ON!!! WE LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!!


ijaw girl said...

@jhazmyn- awwhh!! jhazmyn; thank you so so much.glad i could be of help. lol xx
@bubblybliss- thanks a lot hun xx
@set- yes dear. i meant end of september.but hopefully october too, not quite sure yet. xx
@shopliquorice- awwh!! u guys, thank you so so much. xx

Sassy Trends said...

Me luv... me like...
Sent you a mail yesterday about publishing your new designs in my bank's magazine...remember now?
Alryt..dunno why im just bumping into this site... after being in blogsville for aw many years..chineke!!

This is hawwwtt gurl and im falling for the culture and nativity behind this.
Use to luv bayelsa names too 'cos ve got a couple of friends who are ijaws..

Anonymous said...

love it , love it , love it some pretty good dresses. if only i was a woman i would buy some of these

Nan. said...

Your designs are chic and playful... I like it, :)

o.uzamere said...

Akpos!!!! I want, okay! I'm coming on sunday.
Here's the deal: Finish one of my dresses and I'll wear it to October LPM. I'll look stunning fer you and frawn all th ladies to your stall.

9jamommy said...

Oh wow...really really nice, I don't believe I'm just finding your blog, always nice to meet a fellow ijaw sister :). All the best!

adesuwa said... glad dat i knw u,ur an inspiration 2young gals..dis is a once conceived dream dat is now a big reality&surely,it has cum 2stay..luvly dresses,awesome style n great taste..go gal! I WANT

Anonymous said...

Lovely dresses.