Saturday, 13 June 2009

le petit marche

Hey. Just thought I'd post the pictures from the may market (le petit marche). I did sell loads of my dresses, but boy did i buy a lot. Hope I'm wiser next time; next time being 28th of June. So if your anywhere around Lagos,Nigeria please stop by and shop; lots of pretty AKPOS OKUDU dresses available. *wink wink*
For more info on LPM please checkout the face book group.

Me, next to my dresses.

My close (If i look kinda tired, its because i stayed up till 3 a.m trying to finish those dresses.)

Some buyers.

some more buyers.

right- Didi Ocheja of eden. she makes the most beautiful bags and leather accessories. Scroll down to see for yourself.

some more negotiations.

zebra. Lots of cute tee's.

pretty bags on display.


more shopping.

l-r Didi and ...

Accessories by Eden. how amazing!

Gorgeous dresses by Grey.I loved them so much i got the blue and yellow dress.

The girl and guy behind Grey.


outfits by Obsidian. Nice; right?

ugoma ebilah, lady behind zebra. And some cute zebra dresses.



Tinu said...

you have to make a dress for me when I get back in december!
all the best!have a great week!

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Excellent, where do you reside? Lagos ?

I even spotted the rapper sasha must have been a fun filled day!

xoliquoricexo said...

awww, great work :-) we hope we'll see you at africa fashion week suuuuuper SOON! you know we LOVE us some Akpos Okudu!!!


Anonymous said...

awwwe your dresses are beautiful!

chayoma said...

cute dresses.
now i want one!
make that two :)

ijaw girl said...

awwh! you guys thanks a lot.
@ tinu- thanks. fo sho!on that dress hun. have a fab. week.

@miss flyhigh-londonsnaijaqueen- thanks. i'm based in port harcourt.
yes gyul, it was a very nice day.

@xoliquoricexo- thanks soo much. and AMEN on africa fashion week.geez that would be soo awesome.u know AKPOS OKUDU hearts shopliquorice.

@coutureconcepts-thank u so much.

@chayoma-lol.awhh! tnx hun.

yankeenaijababe said...

Gorgoes dresses, am loving it all. Would be back,

yankeenaijababe said...

the pictures are all lovely, am going to dedicate a post to you next week. if I were in Naija or visit anytime, sure am going to buy your stuff...keep up the good work.

Emilia said...

i just love your clothes.... do you ahve an online shop You go girl You look gr8 too love your hair

ijaw girl said...

@yankeenaijababe- thank you so much.
@thanks a lot. to buy online please send a picture of the dress you want to

o.uzamere said...

Akpos!! You'r going places!!

o.uzamere said...

How do you go about delivery? Lemme kno wen u get bak, so U can hook me up.
We still have that my dress with no measurements...

*Diane* said...

Congrats!!! u go girlie, u are def destined to go places! um...feel free to send me some of your free

ijaw girl said...

@ o.Uzamere- AMEN!!! to that sista,.thanks a lot.we really need to see you.
@ Diane. thanks hun. another amen. i certainly want u rocking my dresses.cos i know you'll do justice to them.

Anonymous said...

i can see your label is going places

hey i'm in PH for the summer if you want to talk photography i'll be willing to lend a hand

amy said...

love the dresses. They are are all fab. Please tell me more about le petit marche. I live in Gh and trying to start my very own line and very proud and ecstatic about the Nigerian fashion industry