Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Nike reigns supreme in the style stakes.Blessed with a great body,which she perfectly accentuates.She can wear just about anything and make it fabulous.Be it Iro an Buba(Traditional Yoruba attire)or an androgynous pantsuit.Her style is innovative and a very accurate form of self expression.Nike a former miss Nigeria,certainly still looks the business.

Ifeoma Williams ex-beauty queen(miss lux).Has a timeless,classy look.Simplistic but always edgy.She isn't about following trends but selectively choosing standout pieces.She has an innate sense of style,confidence and grace.She is the style editor for Genevieve.(Nigerian leading lifestyle magazine*)Ifeoma also styles Mo Abudu for her talk show 'moments with mo'.

Helen Ajayi is the epitome of classic beauty.She's the poster girl for the less is more philosophy.Helen;a mother of three has what i call ladylike sophistication,Simplistic but always chic.Helen a lifestyle writer for leading Nigeria daily(Thisday)was miss Nigeria over two decades ago and can certainly still pass for one.

images-Thisday style,Bella naija,Genevieve.
*story for another day.


SET said...

Your blog is lovely, I love these post that gives insight to Nigerian fashion.

ijaw girl said...

Thank you,Seth.

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Thanks a lot Sarfras.