Sunday, 6 July 2008

There's nothing new under the sun.

This is a very popular adage and i give you a few more reasons to are some Nigerian designers alongside some international one's;with very similar designs.what do you think?

Oscar de la renta,o!emporium.

Roberto Cavali,Tiffany amber.o!emporium,?

Odio Mimonet,Max Mara.


Aquarius said...

fashion is recycled. things from the 60's,80's & 90's are back in am sure from the pics most of the designers ideas came from the past

SET said...

Hi, you put so much into this I love thec comparison. thx for comin by my blog i love yours a lot.

ijaw girl said...

thank you!!guys.

Gidan Nodza said...

Wow! now we can see where they get their inspirations from. Good of you to take the time to show us. Love your blog by the way... and your designs are fierce!